The next best thing to a trip to Israel

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Ah, Israel. The cradle of our faith. The place where Jesus walked.

The Pool at Bethsaida photo by Larry Kutzler

The Pool at Bethsaida photo by Larry Kutzler

One of the things I so love about our Lord is that Jesus was a master storyteller. We feel we can actually see the characters he so vividly renders in his teaching parables about widows and farmers and a prodigal and his family. But these imaginings can sometimes impede our knowledge that there were also real people who met Jesus and walked away forever changed. This distinction is so important–the ministry of Jesus is not just about his instructive teaching. We have a historical record to inspire and direct us still today. The pool pictured above is where Jesus miraculously instructed a lame man to pick up his mat and walk according to John 5:2-17

Knowing what Jesus accomplished there encourages my faith and makes me more confident to claim that even today, he still heals.

When I had the joy and privilege to travel to Israel

How to lose your life–for good

istockphoto © selensergen

istockphoto © selensergen

“My life is OVER!”

How many times have you had that thought? I hope not more than a few times and I hope you were wrong each time.

Drama is good in the movies, in real life not so much.

But I guess each of us knows a moment when we have been devastated by news that seemed to bring our hopes, our plans, our dreams crashing down around our heads. And maybe if you’ve had such a moment, your life as you knew it did in fact come to an end as you were called to sacrifice for the sake of others.

The art of faith is knowing when a crisis is God’s plan and trusting him to bring his goodness to pass through the unexpected, through dire and desperate circumstances.

Ruth Graham on Cradle My Heart Radio

Ruth Graham

“Transparent” is the word most people use to describe Ruth Graham, Founder and President of Ruth Graham & Friends.

I was blessed to travel with Ruth as a conference team member for many years, and she was also kind to write the Foreword for my book Cradle My Heart, Finding God’s Love After Abortion.

Click here to listen to the podcast playback of our live interview on Cradle My Heart Radio.

Ruth is the third child of Rev. Billy Graham and his wife Ruth Bell Graham. She founded the Ruth Graham & Friends Ministry in 2006. Ruth is an experienced conference speaker and Bible teacher.  She is also a frequent guest speaker – and interview subject – in the news media.  She has appeared on a variety of radio and television shows including: Good Morning, America, The Hour of Power, Focus on the Family, Moody Broadcasting, Fox & Friends, CBN, Life Today and CNN.

Abortion a sacred choice or moral bankrupcy?

This is an update to a blog post from July 2011 in light of my recent interview on Cradle My Heart Radio with Ryan Bomberger (which aired 9-23-12 – listen here)

rememberchildX_150x150My primary calling is to share the love of Jesus Christ with those who are broken over our participation in abortion. Part of this task is bringing moral clarity to the question of whether abortion is wrong, and whether there couldn’t be some way that it is acceptable in God’s sight. That question haunted me for more than a decade after my abortion in 1978 as I tried to reconcile my choice in light of my dormant conscience and my guilty heart.

I landed in a place of saying, “Well, I’m opposed to abortion, but I can’t tell others what to do.”

I now recognize this former position as so morally bankrupt that I want to help you to refute this idea if this is your current point of view.