Ministries and organizations helping after abortion

I am so grateful to be able to partner with and recommend the following organizations for remembering those hurt by abortion and offering true and lasting hope:

Heart! by Andrea Silva via Wikimedia Commons

Heart! by Andrea Silva via Wikimedia Commons

Please know that you can always call our toll-free number for confidential help and we will return your contact within 12 hours. Call us at 800-811-3003. You can also leave a private message via the comment reply form. Simply let us know in your note that you don’t want your comments published.

Above all, don’t give up hope! You are not alone. There is help and hope for lasting healing and peace with God.

Ruth Graham on Cradle My Heart Radio

Ruth Graham

“Transparent” is the word most people use to describe Ruth Graham, Founder and President of Ruth Graham & Friends.

I was blessed to travel with Ruth as a conference team member for many years, and she was also kind to write the Foreword for my book Cradle My Heart, Finding God’s Love After Abortion.

Click here to listen to the podcast playback of our live interview on Cradle My Heart Radio.

Ruth is the third child of Rev. Billy Graham and his wife Ruth Bell Graham. She founded the Ruth Graham & Friends Ministry in 2006. Ruth is an experienced conference speaker and Bible teacher.  She is also a frequent guest speaker – and interview subject – in the news media.  She has appeared on a variety of radio and television shows including: Good Morning, America, The Hour of Power, Focus on the Family, Moody Broadcasting, Fox & Friends, CBN, Life Today and CNN.

Abortion a sacred choice or moral bankrupcy?

This is an update to a blog post from July 2011 in light of my recent interview on Cradle My Heart Radio with Ryan Bomberger (which aired 9-23-12 – listen here)

rememberchildX_150x150My primary calling is to share the love of Jesus Christ with those who are broken over our participation in abortion. Part of this task is bringing moral clarity to the question of whether abortion is wrong, and whether there couldn’t be some way that it is acceptable in God’s sight. That question haunted me for more than a decade after my abortion in 1978 as I tried to reconcile my choice in light of my dormant conscience and my guilty heart.

I landed in a place of saying, “Well, I’m opposed to abortion, but I can’t tell others what to do.”

I now recognize this former position as so morally bankrupt that I want to help you to refute this idea if this is your current point of view.

Mental health community protests abortion pain

Spending a day shopping can be an excruciating exercise in decisions and reflections on what I can and can’t afford. Lots of friends find shopping relaxing and fun. Others go way overboard and buy things they know they’ll have to return. Some are very methodical with lists–they never forget their cloth bags at the grocery store. At times you may fit into any or all of the above groups. My point is there is no universal reaction to the common female experience of shopping.

So how can mental health professionals say that 55 million abortions have left women with a uniform emotional reaction? And how could abortion possibly be a uniquely positive event in every woman’s emotional and spiritual life?

When Love Sees You

Sometimes it’s hard to picture God’s love for me–for everyone–when I look around and see needs that run so deep.

This video really helps.

I don’t know that the mental image I have of Jesus necessarily matches with the actor cast to play the part here, but I do know that every healing miracle told in the gospels is true. These are historic events we can trace through time.

Jesus was a healer without equal–the one Great Magician Who Turned the Water into Wine (as Van Morrison noted in his song, These are the Days). Jesus was also a Master Storyteller–drawing characters so vivid they seem real to us. His stories sometimes deter us from realizing that the history is not just a story. Jesus gave sight to the blind and he raised people from the dead. See which other historical healings you can detect as you watch.

When Love Sees You by Mac Powell

This depiction of the life and ministry of Jesus reminds me that I can only love because God first loved me. It’s so encouraging for me to know that we just aren’t in a position to see ourselves as God sees us. Often times that means that I am underestimating the  ways that I fall short of God’s ideal. But even after something so harrowing as deep sins like abortion (or the challenge to forgive the ones who sinned against you by causing it), God still sees us as the object of his love.

See the heart

We prayed outside an abortion facility in Atlanta today as a joyful act of obedience to God’s call for Day 38 of the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil. I arrived early and joined three women already in prayer. We stood across the street and faced the facility. It was cold and windy and quiet. The sun had not yet come up. As I faced the building something beautiful caught me eye.


Do you see the heart in the trees?

It’s a shaky image, I know, but the sky was still so dark that my little Nikon couldn’t capture the shutter speed of the flash without the blur. 

Our  prayers took us to God’s heart as we offered requests for mercy and for healing to all who have participated and those who will participate in abortion. If that’s you–I really hope and pray you see God’s heart today. Here is what He wants you to know:  “Don’t be afraid for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.” (Isaiah 41: 10 Holy Bible, New Living Translation)

If you are suffering after abortion, even if your faith is shaky, keep looking up. See the truth of love pouring out to you from Jesus Christ today, and see the heart of God.

Abortion as child loss

Kim Ketola blog post on Grace To You  sermon seriesAbortion is child loss.

That’s why it matters that we acknowledge the truth about abortion. Withholding the truth may mean we are extending the grief of mothers trapped in their confusion and pain as the shock of the abortion begins to recede.

That’s why it matters what we call an aborted baby.

That’s why we must be clear that a fetus is a living human being and every abortion takes a human life. If there is no child, there is no reason to grieve. But if abortion takes a life, there can be no relief without our grief.

Pastor John MacArthur understands the issue of child loss better than

Free Resource to Encourage You

I wrote this one-page Bible study, let me know . I answer all emails personally and hold your information in strictest confidence. I also would love your comment if you are healed after abortion. What helps? What hurts? How do you talk to others to help them understand the needs of those who have been spiritually wounded by abortion?

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