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3 thoughts on “Cradle My Heart Radio, Blog, and Podcast

  1. I don’t think there’s much or any talk of what will happen to the child who’s life is spared. Do you give it to the woman who does not want it? The adoption road seems so long and difficult. I would like to know simply what happens to that baby that is saved. Every time you talk about saving a life I think it would be very helpful to say some words of hope, reasons for living, where this baby will end up. I am not for abortion at all but need to know what happens to that child who is spared. Thank you, Carl

    • Hi Carl, We try to include regular mentions of pregnancy help centers which work very hard to help the young moms and dads to become parents and to enjoy their children. Social support includes parenting education, help with nursery essentials like furniture and clothing, diapers and formula. If a women is unwilling or unable to parent she is referred for help to place the child in a safe environment, whether kinship care, foster care or adoption, including open adoption. There is ample support, and a great deal of it free as a ministry offering. I’ll try to do a better job telling that part of the story! Thanks for checking in. May I ask where you’ve heard our programs–what station?

  2. Thanks for getting back to me. I listen in Duluth, Mn. To KDNW and I was not referring to you specifically on the issue of how the child is cared for after being rescued. Thank you for what you do for these little ones, Carl