If you are pro-woman you should be pro-life

This is beautiful!


The National March for Life in Washington DC unveiled their new logo this week in advance of the upcoming events marking the 41st anniversary of the legalization of abortion by the Supreme Court of the US. On the March for Life website Director Jeanne Monahan says this about the new look:

You’ll notice the new logo encompasses a mother and child. We march for moms and babies. Abortion not only snuffs out a life filled with potential, it harms a mother emotionally, psychologically and physically. We embrace every woman and child with hope for happier tomorrows.

Yes! Exactly the right note we need to strike again and again if we want to win the hearts of the young women most deeply vulnerable to abortion marketing and targeting.

I am not politically motivated in my work to help women recover from the detrimental spiritual impact of abortion. But as a citizen the time finally felt right to stand up and be counted when I attended my first national March for Life last year (check the podcast here).

It was inspiring to see hundreds of thousands gathered in support of a culture of life. But there was a disconnect. The vast majority of placards with images featured babies thus communicating the civil rights of the unborn.

41Rk44+GAjL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-67,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_While I agree with the right to life for the unborn, we will never protect them without nurturing the women first. John Ensor expressed this in Answering the Call as saving innocent lives one woman at a time. Love the cover image update!

The death merchants are several steps ahead presenting themselves as the ones who care about girls and women through sex-ed beginning in kindergarten; parents aren’t the ones to be sought or trusted for such advice. Big Abortion recruits teens (no link due to the lurid sexual content) when they’re encouraged to become sexually active and sold their first contraception and STD testing. Pro-choice clergy do BA’s bidding by advocating for the removal of all mediators whether family or court-appointed between teens and abortion merchants when the contraception fails. Then young women are wooed throughout the college years and beyond with rhetoric of empowerment and women’s rights.

Tragically, the first chink in the death industry armor as advocates for women comes when we seek solace from the high spiritual and emotional cost of exercising “choice.” At that point they re-victimize us by dismissing our pain as a myth.

All to say: the image of a welcoming embrace of mother and child speaks volumes about the heart of the prolife movement. The idea of Loving them Both is not new and the pregnancy help movement has been there for the women all along. There’s a huge caring community for the postabortive at the March as well.

And now this new logo brings together a missing element to the public message and one I hope will be widely used by those attending this year’s events. Girls and women need to know that those who stand for life stand for them, and with them through the challenges of making good and wise choices.

This image and message behind it are a beautiful place to start.

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