The #1 reason women can’t get over abortion

Istockphoto credit © MaleWitch

Istockphoto credit © MaleWitch

Abortion is a conversation stopper.

The topic is not just taboo, it stops the free flow of our talking about who we are and what we’ve experienced.

You want to forget and put the past behind you. Yet you may also want to remember, sometimes even dreaming of what might have been.

But. Who could possibly understand? How can we speak about it and share what’s in our hearts?

I lived in fear for so many years after abortion. Fear of rejection. Fear of condemnation. Fear that I would be misunderstood–and my guilt and grief minimized by well-meaning folks who didn’t know the hard truth I had learned about the damage abortion does to those who choose it.

Then faith came. And after several more years, the healing and hope I hold out to you today.

My healing began when I started talking.

By God’s grace I was granted an opening by a woman who shared her abortion story with me, making it safe for me to share mine.

Is the time right for you to begin a conversation today? Consider this your invitation. Read my story here (free sample chapters included in the preview). The stories of many other women are included too. Join the conversation on Cradle My Heart Radio each Sunday night. Or start right here, right now by posting a comment sharing as much or as little as you are comfortable disclosing.

Leave a comment and we’ll enter your name in a drawing to win the healing resource we’re offering this month, Zondervan’s Hope in the Mourning Bible. If you prefer a private forum for sharing, check the blogroll here for links to caring confidential help.

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2 thoughts on “The #1 reason women can’t get over abortion

  1. Oh my God I reached out to you Kim plus joined you on Facebook. In preparation for our women’s fellowship I asked God for steps to follow. Now the clock is ticking and I realize we as women that walk in the total forgiveness from our abortions have a journey before us. Today I read Abortion memorial and the flood gates opened. Please keep helping our sisters and brothers struggling with this pain. The Answer is Jesus and you lead in a precious way Praise God. FAITH in our Faithful Dad=The KEY amen yes and amen!