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Cradle My Heart reviews are in. The blog tour is in full swing and the reviews are all available is one place here. Litfuse Publicity distributed review copies and the bloggers have spoken! Reading the reviews helps me see how well I have met my objective with this book: I want to shine the light on the healing love of Jesus Christ to those who have been hurt by abortion. The reviews so far reflect that mission accomplished. Only by God’s grace.

A Sampling:

Krystal | Live To Read This book is about healing; there is no distraction with discussion of the abortion issue as political policy. Women who need to heal after grieving this impossible choice will benefit from Ketola’s telling of others in similar situations, from support from God’s Word, and from suggestions for healing.

Margaret | The World As I See It There are so many great things about this book that there is no way that I can do justice to the book with a review. I would recommend this book to anyone who has had an abortion or even placed a child for adoption. This book gave me hope and made me see how I can make changes and get into a better place when it comes to dealing with my feelings from the adoption.

Jennifer|A Peace of Mind Abortion is a very important issue for all women. And Kim Ketola writes so sweetly on this topic. She is gentle, yet honest about her experience and the road she traveled after.

Anjanette | Raising the Barrs Her book, Cradle My Heart: Finding God’s Love After Abortion offers comfort, empathy, and encouragement to those touched by abortion. Each chapter ends with practical ways to reflect on the message (with related Scripture), request God’s help in healing (with prayer), and respond in action (with tips like songs to listen to and journal entries to write). I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who has been affected by abortion or to anyone looking for ways to encourage those who have.

Becky | Christian Chick’s Thoughts The abortion debate in America is heavily politicized, yet amid the cries for “reproductive rights” and picketers holding posters of aborted babies outside of clinics, we often forget about the people most affected by abortion—the women who have had one. In her book Cradle My Heart, Kim Ketola addresses those women, showing the forgiveness and hope found only in Christ. She writes from a place of understanding, and her own story is woven throughout the pages of this book. (The part where she writes about naming her child drove me to tears). But she always comes back to Scripture, as she digs into what God says about sin, death, truth, mercy, and forgiveness. Cradle My Heart is an excellent book for post-abortive women, but also for those who have never dealt firsthand with abortion. Reading Ketola’s book gave me insight into the lives of and compassion for women who have had an abortion, and I highly recommend it.

I’m so grateful for the time each reviewer has taken to read the book and offer a review. I want the word to go out so people will buy the book and learn the truth about the healing in Christ available to all who suffer after abortion.

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