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I hope you’ll bookmark my new blog.

cradle my heart is a safe space for you to connect with others who are finding God’s love after abortion. This blog is a companion to my book of the same title which will be released by Kregel Publications in August, 2012.

This outreach is a result of listening to hundreds of women and men who have shared their stories with me, and a reflection of my faith in Jesus Christ to redeem us all.

You can learn more about my writing and speaking and my story at my personal website at

I hope that you will be blessed and that you will find a friend in faith whenever you spend time here.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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2 thoughts on “Cradle My Heart Blog

  1. After 16 years in post abortion ministry, I am now on staff at a Pregnancy Resource Center as their Center Director and seeing “the other side” from different eyes. My abortion was 41 years ago ~ these young girls coming in could be my granddaughter! Recently there was a couple who were determined that abortion was their only option before getting married in a few days. God’s Divine appointment brought us together so I could share my story…they listened. We prayed – which was a major miracle since the young man claimed to be atheist! They chose life! But soon afterwards, I was meeting with a woman who came in hurting because she is now dealing with her abortion after many years of suppressing and denying it, crying from the pain, wanting God’s release from it all in her heart and mind. This may not have been the ministry I would have chosen, but because of the decision I made God has been using me to touch lives for Him, to embrace and reassure them of His love for those who feel unworthy, undeserving, maybe unwanted. In all the way they have wandered, He has carried them, like a father carries his son, until they came to this place. ~ Deut. 1:31. What a joy to come alongside these women who feel the need of the Master’s touch, His tough love that accepts and forgives with grace and mercy, because He knows Whose they are! I am blessed to be a blessing.

    • Cathy, Thank you for your story! It’s encouraging to have times when we can see God working through us to open up hearts toward his truth. So glad for your service and the way God is redeeming the past in your life.