A new song retreat (Russia April 20)

The women’s retreat had a very different flavor from the conference. Here our team met more women from various churches throughout Perm–some of whom had abortion in their past, but most were struggling with life issues common to women the world over. I was struck by how many women requested prayers to help them with the issue of cowardice. As we talked and they disclosed their fears they struck me as some of the bravest women I’ve ever met! One had been on dialysis for 12 years and the idea of a transplant was out of the question–too expensive and too risky. Another was just coming to terms with the verbal and physical abuse in her marriage. One woman was terrified of cancer–and then we learned her mother had died of cancer when she was only 17 years old.

We also shared lots of laughter and some fun conversations about family and fashion and life in the US and Russia.

Becky and I promised to pray for Katya—and I hope you’ll remember her and our Sisters in Christ in Russia in your prayers too.

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