Russia’s population crisis in context

This video puts our mission in context. We are not partnering with PRI, however this documentary outlines the problems we are seeking to address. (hat tip Mary Ellen Sawyer).

From the PRI website:
2011 PRI Video Shows Collapse of Russia
“In this fast-paced, 12-minute internet documentary, PRI pays a visit to
Russia, and discusses the country’s plummeting birthrates and skyrocketing death rates. PRI’s media director, Colin Mason, says, “[W]e were in Russia for the World Congress of Families, and we took the opportunity to address the demographic problem with the very people who were being impacted.”

“PRI’s president Steven W. Mosher, who appears prominently in the documentary, agrees, saying that Russia is “demographically crumbling,” and that PRI’s latest video does an excellent job of illustrating the human cost of this.

“If Russia doesn’t turn its birthrate around fast,” says Mosher, “its human landscape will soon resemble the crumbling Soviet monuments that we visited. It
is imperative for the survival of the Russian people that they once again take command of their fertility and begin renewing themselves. Only then will they be
able to turn their economy and their culture around.””

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