Maternity hospital visit (Russia April 19)

I like to call this photo, “Behold, Luane stands at the door and knocks!”

The fact that it’s out of focus just adds to the supernatural quality of the image. Luane and I formed a mini-team making visits to women at the maternity hospital in Perm. Luane’s primary experience is missions and evangelism and she has such a natural warmth that I felt very confident walking into hospital rooms to offer tea and cookies, conversation and prayer.

Victoria seemed quite wary at first and let us know that she didn’t really share our faith, but as Luane spoke the baby began to kick! We were all thrilled and soon we were indeed all praying for a healthy birth and a healthy baby.

One of my teammates encountered a woman whose child had been stillborn and her grief was very fresh. Others of us met expectant moms simply in the hospital for testing and hoping to return home soon. There are huge differences between the Russian system and ours (four women to a room on cots smaller than the average twin-sized bed–and the way to lift your head is not through a controller, but by leaning on the concrete wall).

But also, because no flowers are allowed in the patient rooms, family and friends leave images on a giant mural outside.

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