Love in any language (Russia April 16)

Kim, Dasha, Dasha, and Gulia

Ministering to women at the conference in Russia has been a deep experience of realizing how the human heart speaks the same language when it comes to lamenting our losses. And Jesus’ love is never lost in translation! Our fabulous team of translators has helped me see how all of us at times need an intermediary in order to be understood by others. I’m fascinated by their ability to process complicated messages so quickly and with such poise. Love them!
Internet is spotty, but I’m going to try to blog later today to give a wrap-up of the conference. I was really exhausted from jet lag and sleeping only a few hours each night–I kept waking up at 4 and couldn’t get back to sleep. But I think God used my impaired, sleep-deprived state to somehow shine his light through with greater intensity. I hope so! The women we’ve met here are so warm-hearted and eager to wage the battle for life. I’ve met some who have had so many abortions that they lost track of the number of children they had personally lost. Yet God has also come before us to bring healing to many who are now sharing the hope we find in Christ’s love.

America has over 2000 pregnancy help centers–Russia has only 30. So these women working to help women choose life and to heal those who suffer after abortion are true pioneers with a huge territory to subdue. I pray God will do it. We have a day of touring and rest before we move tomorrow for to the retreat center for the weekend activities.

Thank you for continuing in prayer for us. We’re praying for you too.

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