April 15 We arrived! Just in time for Russian Easter

We arrived in the dark of night last night so it’s hard to give you a vivid picture of Perm. The area surrounding the airport was typical–car dealerships and gas stations present a prospering facade, but as we approached the city the proliferation of grafitti blighted everything. Our hotel is lovely, though and we did get a little rest. I’m so eager to get to know our hosts who have been so kind so far. Above all I don’t want to be critical of our home for the next few days–but I also want to give you an accurate view of what we are experiencing here. And we’re definitely not back in the USA–McDonald’s notwithstanding.

Heather, Lu, Becky and Eggs!

This morning we attended Russian Easter services at Perm Vineyard church where we were welcomed with warm hospitality…and eggs!

Tomorrow we begin our conference to equip and train pregnancy center workers. Our team is led by Vicki Hale and Pastor John Ensor and we also have two Pregnancy Center Directors on the conference faculty–Becky Smith and Sally Buckner. I’m eager to find out how our material and experience will translate.

Later in the week we are set to visit a maternity hospital and I’m praying that we will find good conditions for the women who need care there.


If you have seen the moving documentary Killing Girls, you know the hospital atmosphere is not what you may be used to in the States. That movie depicts a facility where teens experience late-term abortion–devasting to watch.

But God has not called us here to simply have us compare our lives to life here–we are simply here to share his love, the universal language

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