Bubba’s baby boy

Bubba Watson’s face was set like a flint in the run-up to the playoff at the Masters. Then he made a shot so impossible the cameras couldn’t even capture it. Then he quieted the crowd before his tap-in to win. And then he just wept on the shoulder of anyone and everyone in range.

And when he was asked about that winning moment he simply said, “I never got this far in my dreams, so it’s not a dream come true. It’s a blessing.” They weren’t just asking him about golf but also about becoming a new father to his adopted son Caleb. Later he said that his world doesn’t revolve around golf–noting that he still hadn’t changed the first diaper. He’s a hero for so many reasons and his character is his greatest victory. The picure Bubba Watson provided People magazine says it all.

And his wife! Angie Watson and Bubba are both devoted Christians. Angie knew she wouldn’t be able to have children when the wed, but the timing of the adoption came after 4 years and some false starts and they brought their one-month-old son home just two weeks before the Masters would make his dad a champion. Of the fame Bubba said, “I hope I keep crying.”

Adoption is a beautiful option! I thank God for Caleb’s birth mother. The pregnancy help movement makes stories of families created by adoption an everyday miracle. Adoption is the picture of what Christ has done for us to bring us into the family of God. And it’s a beautiful thing.

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