To Russia, with Life

I’ve heard Pastor John Ensor speak a few times before, and I love to read his written works such as Answering the Call and Doing Things Right in Matters of the Heart. I’m eager to read his definitive work Innocent Blood which outlines the connection between the gospel and the need to defend the unborn.

But I was really touched and so moved by a message he gave last week at an event to benefit Coweta Pregnancy Services. Director Vicki Hale, who is leading our team to Russia,  invited Pastor Ensor to keynote her organization’s fundraiser. My husband Bruce and I are so glad she did (we support several pregnancy help ministries with our giving and we hope you do too) because we learned so much.

Pastor Ensor preached from the Book of Revelations and one of the most important points he made is that while this text can be difficult and even baffling at times, it is after all meant by God to reveal certain truths to us. And one of the most obvious truths to be found in the text of Revelations 12 is that the enemy of our souls would love to take out the next generation–killing them if necessary–so that the faith we hold most dear will die with us instead of living on in our children as they populate the earth. This strategy of the dragon is doomed to fail because God has already judged it. And we who believe in Christ have already overcome him by the word of our testimony that Jesus is Lord, and the blood of the Lamb which is the sacrifice paid once for all.

The pregnancy help movement is advancing God’s plan with every life saved and with every child born.

I’m so encouraged to be bringing this message of hope–a message of the triumphant goodness of God who accomplishes his purposes through us his children–to the women of Russia who need to know. Our conference in Perm is coming up in less than a month now! I’m still seeking your prayers and our team would love to accept financial gifts which will go to support Russian women attending a healing retreat the weekend following the conference. Learn more and give at our team blog or using the Contact Form here.

I also long to assure them, and you, that our children lost to abortion are so much more to God who fashioned us all than pawns in the devil’s deadly game of abortion. Our children, all children, are forever in God’s care.

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