I would love to hear your feedback on the re-design of my website and blog–even if you just click the Like button below this post, I’ll know that the months-long effort has resulted in a readable and engaging online presence. Thanks to the team at Tekeme!

As I have been working on this I’ve also had many ministry adventures, including preparing for a mission to Perm, Russia. I’m serving as the volunteer webmaster for that effort and developing the outreach for the conference and retreat we’ll present. I don’t speak the language nor pretend to understand Russian people, so I am truly trusting the Holy Spirit to work in whatever my hands find to do on this team. We travel in mid-April, and I’m still raising support–if you want to join our efforts in prayer or a financial gift, please use the contact form and I’ll let you know how you can be part of God’s work in Russia.

I’m also thrilled to be going to Heartbeat International’s annual conference as a presenter next month. Heartbeat has had my love and loyalty for many years because they are leaders in the pregnancy help movement along with helping women and men recover after abortion. In fact, when I had a daily talk show I used to just toss it out to listeners to come up with a plan for a pregnant woman in need. I’d devise different scenarios and then ask, “What would you tell her?” The correct answer beyond sharing the love of Jesus Christ is “Call Option Line! 1-800-712-HELP.” I mention this now because that’s a new number and I want to do all I can to make sure everyone knows that there is free and confidential help available from people who are equipped and prepared for any and every circumstance. Heartbeat also connects women to compassionate care after abortion. It’s a great organization which provides the true choice in an untimely pregnancy–help to choose life.

There’s other exciting news to come in the next few weeks–stay tuned! And let me hear from you.

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6 thoughts on “Launched!

    • Steve, Thank you for the encouragement. I met our mutual friend Doug Abner last year–and I failed to send my sympathy at the time when he shared the news of your wife’s death. I do pray for you now, Steve, and hope today is a day of fond memories for you. Thank you for staying in touch!

  1. Love, love, LOVE the color!!! But the content is the beautiful thing… You are so awesome Missy, Kim! God is good all the time. I am blessed to call you “friend.”

  2. Love your new site, Kim! It’s beautiful and so are you!!! May God continue to bless you abundantly as you continue to serve Him with the powerful message He’s put on your heart.

  3. Nice job Kim. Your faith, passion and willingness to speak out in truth are always an inspiration! Prayers of strength, perserverence and clear vision for you today. Love You!!