Dripping faucet a metaphor for men and abortion

I went to NRB last week and met with some of the most prominent Christian broadcasters from the US and around the world. I had the chance to speak with Kay Arthur and June Hunt, and listen to Chip Ingram and Jack Graham. I’ll tell you a little more about meeting Maxim Maximov in a future post–a little closer to our departure for the mission to Perm, Russia.

But the reason I mention the big players is that I’m still most impressed by a student production called ‘a faucet drips’.

“A short film produced as a senior project at Northwestern College (St. Paul, MN) in Spring 2011. The story follows a young couple through the decision to abort an unplanned pregnancy and examines the results of relational passivity. Director Laura Hoffman. Producer Erin McGregor. Editor Mel Magnuson. Director of Photography Micah Murray. Starring Zach McClellan & Ashley Young.”

This is film is so heartbreakingly real. This is what abortion does to men. Tending to the details of the relationship is his responsibility and yet it seems to be unfolding completely outside his control. The emotional distancing he experiences allows him to tell himself that everything will be all right. Until it is much much too late.

I posted this story when the film was completed last year, and I share it again to offer congratulations to the young filmmakers for the screening at the NRB Showcase.

Please share this with others. Not only do these students deserve a wide audience for this accomplished work, but I haven’t seen any other film which shows the impact of abortion on the average guy who gets caught up in it. I thank God once more that He is the Lord of second chances–infinite chances to do the right thing now–and unmeasurable mercy.

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