KFAX Podcast ~ When abortion is someone else’s choice


Here’s the podcast from my November 30 interview on KFAX San Francisco on Lifeline with Craig Roberts. You can download the podcast and listen for free. My interview appears midway through the 2-hour broadcast.

We discussed the hard-sell pressure tactics abortion providers engage in to coerce women to make a quick and ill-informed decision. Abortion coercion can take so many forms. As Roberts pointed out so clearly, withholding information about alternatives to abortion is not offering women a choice. I tried to help connect the dots to this strong-arming as the starting point on a continuum which all too often ends in a hurried and harrassed decision. This exploits the vulnerability of women in need of real help. It is no less predatory than the homicides which result when a woman stands up to an angry partner who would force her to abort (see When abortion is no choice at all)

I’ve met many such women who fought the battle to carry a pregnancy forward and give birth, but who were forced to abort due to pressures too great to bear. I know the brokenness and loss of hope we suffer when abortion is a result of someone else’s choice. If that describes you, please reach out for safe and confidential help today. Call 1-866-4-My-Recovery or 1-800-395-HELP. There is someone who cares who can offer you real help, even if you are trapped in an abusive or violent situation right now, and even if you feel nothing will ever change the trauma you have suffered in the past because of abortion and abuse. You’re not alone. There are those of us who sorrow with you for your losses, and we are here to build you up in the love God has for you.

Thanks to Producer Wanda Sanchez and Host Craig Roberts for presenting and speaking truth on this issue so freely and forcefully. 

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