When abortion is no choice at all

I remember the first time a nurse asked me a routine screening question about whether I was subject to domestic violence. A new law had been passed in my home state at the time, she explained, and the law was a way to help break the silence which so often keeps victims trapped in a cycle of abuse, denial, and shame. Thank God, I was able to say that I did not need support for that problem. But I recall that  I wondered how many women would admit to the need for help in the setting of a routine physician visit. I came to the conclusion that even aiding a few would be better than doing nothing at all.

I feel the same way about a protection being considered by the state of Wisconsin to ask women whether they are making the choice for abortion as a free choice or whether they feel they are being coerced. Yet, the Daily Cardinal reports that there is a pushback from representatives of a group called Young Progressives Issues, who somehow managed to miss the point entirely, claiming that this screening process limits a woman’s . . . reproductive freedom. 

If women are being coerced, as the research reported by Physicians for Life indicates, invoking reproductive rights is ludicrous at best. At its worst, feminist non-thought like this serves to enable threats, coercion, and violence against a woman at the most vulnerable time of her life–while she is carrying her young.

I’ve heard the stories firsthand from women who feared for their lives because they were pregnant–a phenomenon reported in 2005 by ABC News. The Associated Press reported almost ten years ago that women are most at-risk for homicide in America when they’re pregnant. This was also confirmed in Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health study in 2001. A 2004 Washington Post report was exhaustive and made for devastating reading–your heart will break thinking of how the families of these women must feel as we continue to debate such a basic need for public safety in the lives of women in America today.

Why are we still discussing the need to intervene? And if not us, who will hear their cry?

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