Reverse rainbow

Maybe you can tell from the photos on my recent posts that I am enjoying the beauty of God’s creation lately!

I don’t think I have any particular talent as a photographer, but I’ve been shooting pictures as a way to narrow my focus in order to gain perspective on problems I can’t seem to solve. I can consume endless hours forecasting future storms or sorting through the wreckage of a painful past. I’m pretty certain that kind introspection never healed me of anything yet. Sometimes it does help to head into the actual weather and face the day.

Sometimes God throws in a rainbow….


Actually this is a sundog – a rainbow colored halo around the sun. The shot was taken over towering trees so that the rainbow image was almost directly overhead. You really had to look up to see it. I loved the idea that dreams can come true both over and under the rainbow.

Here’s another angle.


Harder to see the sundog, but the colors follow the arc of the clouds. This reminded me of so many songs and hopeful images in God’s Word. He sets rainbows in the sky to encourage us. Keep looking up. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). He knows, he cares, he hasn’t changed. He’s still our helper and our defense. He is a shelter from the storm, and his face shines like the sun.

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