What a woman hears when a man says, “It’s up to you”

Please take a few minutes to watch a faucet drips (hat tip Brian Walker). This is a brilliant depiction of the problems for everyone involved when a culture decides to make abortion “a woman’s issue.”

What a poignant, heartbreaking tale–this is the story of what abortion does to the majority of young people and their relationships. Most are a million miles away from any political or social debate.

What if every young man knew there is somewhere he could go and get help to do the right thing?

I would love this film even if it weren’t from students from my alma mater! Please share this with your friends–with everyone. Oh, and tell them about Your Options too.

(From you tube: A short film produced as a senior project at Northwestern College (St. Paul, MN) in Spring 2011.The story follows a young couple through the decision to abort an unplanned pregnancy and examines the results of relational passivity.Director Laura Hoffman. Producer Erin McGregor. Editor Mel Magnuson. Director of Photography Micah Murray. Starring Zach McClellan & Ashley Young.)

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