Abortion as child loss

Kim Ketola blog post on Grace To You  sermon seriesAbortion is child loss.

That’s why it matters that we acknowledge the truth about abortion. Withholding the truth may mean we are extending the grief of mothers trapped in their confusion and pain as the shock of the abortion begins to recede.

That’s why it matters what we call an aborted baby.

That’s why we must be clear that a fetus is a living human being and every abortion takes a human life. If there is no child, there is no reason to grieve. But if abortion takes a life, there can be no relief without our grief.

Pastor John MacArthur understands the issue of child loss better than

any other preacher I have heard teaching or speaking on this subject. His sermon series on the loss of a child will answer many questions that may be troubling your heart.

If you have had an abortion, you have lost a child. Your grief is real. My experience has taught me that the mourning will not end until you have dealt with your own accountability in the experience. Not blaming yourself or others, but fully accepting the part that you and others have had to play in bringing about the death of a child through abortion. The truth of abortion as child loss is unacceptable to those who have believed that abortion “helps” women whose “difficult” circumstances leave them without any other “good” choice. They may refuse to hear that abortion is child loss here.

But in the same way that we would never promote terminating the life of an older child in the midst of difficult circumstances, we cannot decide to do so before a child is born. A child is a child, before and after birth.

In order for grief to do her perfect work in our hearts, we must first acknowledge that we have done irreparable harm to the life of a child.

This is by no means the end of the story.

But this is where true hope and peace after abortion must begin.


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