NY Times: a 7-week fetus is a baby

The NY Times today reports on DNA testing which can detect a baby’s sex as early as 7 weeks after a new life begins at conception (the stage of human development when the female ovum is penetrated by the male sperm).

The language in the article is a stunning breakthrough in the abortion conversation in America today. This story provides an answer to one of the most common questions young women ask when considering abortion: “Is it a baby?”

Part of the fancy footwork in the abortionists’ dance with death is to sidestep this question with the deceptive idea that abortion destroys a fetus, not a human life. Hence terminating a pregnancy has no moral component whatsoever—it is a procedure for a woman to decide, since she is the only person involved. A fetus, they argue, is not a baby—not a person who should be granted rights. Abortioneers thus exploit the ignorance of those who are not familiar with the terminology of the human development process to convince women that abortion doesn’t involve an actual child, and to lobby lawmakers to sanction the destruction of the children’s lives. After they finish with the politicians, the abortion proponents then attach political labels to people who assert that the unborn actually are children, and charge them with aggressively violating women’s rights.

Yet, the language in the New York Times clearly denotes that a 7-week-old fetus is a baby, that such a baby has parents, and that decisions entered into by these parents affect their children.

The implications are monumental.

By forgoing the medical terminology and writing in simple terms, the story affirms what we know in our hearts to be true. And what has been proven scientifically beyond doubt.

National Geographic documented the earliest stage of being human in their 2006 special In the Womb. (Due to a technical glitch with the embed code from the NatGeo online channel, I’ve posted from youtube).

Pregnancy means the presence of a brand new human life, each and every time. There is no confusion on this reality in the medical textbooks. The word fetus is a medical term used to describe the stage of human development after conception, when the new life. The “zygote” grows to an “embryo”, when implanted into the mother’s womb, thus becoming a “fetus”.  “Fetus” is a Latin word which simply means “little one” and is used to describe a human being during gestation, or pregnancy—the time before birth. After birth occurs, many words can be applied to stages of development including infant, toddler, child, youth, adult, elderly adult, etc. But there is no separate medical term for a 12-week fetus (the most typical age at abortion) and a 25-week fetus (when we become increasingly horrified at the prospect of aborting a pregnancy since many children this age live if born prematurely). At full-term, a fetus is 36 weeks.

What all of this means is that the stage of development is not the essential aspect of being human. This new DNA testing shows that boys will be boys and girls will be girls. The sex organs may not develop for several months as the unborn child grows, but certain aspects of our essential human identity are fixed from the very beginning.

Why did the Times, which to my knowledge has not been accused of being anti-abortion, risk revealing the truth? My guess is the writer was striving for clarity, simplicity, and to appeal to the audience for the story—pregnant women and men who recognize that they are already parents even though Mom is only 7 weeks along.

We can’t have it both ways. If a fetus is a baby, a brand new human being, it is wrong and unjust to take its life.

All pregnant parents need our help, not abortion. And the babies, our little ones, our little boys and little girls deserve our support, our protection, and our care.

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