“Celebrating” abortion?

More on clergy who are leading people astray.

Huffington Post features a post
this week by Reverend Tom Davis, of the United Church of Christ, defending abortion in a strange and repugnant twisting of Scripture.

Davis writes:
“During this past spring more than half of America’s fifty state legislatures have ignored people’s economic problems [emphasis added] and instead become obsessed with passing legislation to defund, harass, and block the work of Planned Parenthood. In Biblical terms, what is being done to this 96 year old organization is “cursing.” In scripture to curse a person or a group is to bring condemnation upon them, to put them outside the protection of God and/or the community.”

Davis uses his office as Minister to appear to be defending the poor, whom he concludes need abortion as a solution to their plight, against “religious powers” refusing to recognize women’s rights. Since everyone is called by God to be generous to the poor, his argument seems Biblical and compassionate, and reasonable in light of our cultural sense of fairness to women. Therefore, anyone against Planned Parenthood must be against the poor and against women.

This is the same argument hinted at by Rev. Carlton Veazey of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (from NPR and Tell Me More posted here). But Rev. Davis gets very explicit in this article, “Planned Parenthood helps the poor, the alienated, and women who have nowhere else to turn for health care.”

Apparently Davis fears God enough to stop short of telling his readers to bless Planned Parenthood, although later in the article he calls instead for everyone to support and  “celebrate” the organization—and states that Biblical standards mandate we do so.

But is this statement true? Does God say choosing abortion—early child death instead of giving birth–is something to celebrate? Or has God said exactly the opposite?

Davis’ invocation of “curses” brings up Scripture which is clear on this question. In Deuteronomy 30:11-20 God said, “I have set before you blessings and curses” as He promised blessings to those who choose life.

God even prefaced the command to choose life by anticipating our objections, “This is not too difficult or beyond your grasp—it is in your mouth and in your heart so you may obey it.”

Then, to clear up any lingering confusion, God added, “. . .if you are not obedient. . .I declare to you this day you will certainly be destroyed.”

There is no ambivalence in this text; nor can there be any doubt after reading the preceding chapters of the same book of the Bible; humankind brings God’s curses upon ourselves when we go against God’s law for how we are to treat one another.

Further, Planned Parenthood is not now, nor has it ever been America’s lone champion of the poor, nor are they designated by God to be. Our Lord says that we, His people, the church are to care for the poor and to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves—in order to help them live–and save them from destruction. To interpret God’s love for the weak and His command that we care for them as a call to legislate and pay the government to destroy them and their children as a solution to poverty is wrong, and such a view does not reflect the truth of what God has said in His Word.

In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus did not call for a tax on all citizens to fund the kindness of the stranger who helped the man who had been mugged by the side of the road! Nowhere in the gospels did Our Lord suggest government or non-religious non-profits are the answer to the ills of the world or the problems of the poor. Davis and his ilk should cease and desist.

Better yet–abortion-advocating and abortion-celebrating clergy should rally people toward the church and the pregnancy help movement which every day is offering love in action to women and families through Christian ministry  in Jesus’ Name.

Most importantly, if you are suffering after abortion, especially because of spiritual confusion caused by Christian leaders who defend it as public policy, please seek help today. Call 1-800-395-HELP and celebrate the true hope we have of new life now.

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