Abortion truth and lies

Because of my background in broadcasting current events, and my work as a writer and speaker, I’ve spent the last ten years searching out the facts about abortion. Finding comprehensive trustworthy data is more of a challenge than you would think. The reasons for a lack of objective information are complex and can be frustrating. One big obstacle is the abortion industry itself, which promotes lies, deceptions, and half-truths to stay in business. The government adds to the problem by relying on the abortion industry for information, thus abdicating both reporting and oversight to the abortionists–turning “privacy” into a license to harm women with impunity, as witnessed by the horrific Kermit Gosnell case.

The hosts summarize abortion industry lies as falling into three areas of deception:
1) “We care about women”
2) “It’s not a baby, it’s just tissue (a clump of cells, a missed period, etc.)
3) “It won’t hurt”

The truth is:
1) Abortion is a business exploiting women in need for the purpose of making a profit
2) Their product is the death of a child. Each and every child’s body is catalogued following every procedure
 to assure that the entire body has in fact been retrieved
3) Abortion is painful in the short term and always harms everyone involved

I applaud this program and hope you will watch and take it to heart if you have been suffering after abortion, or if you still believe another lie from the sidelines: “Women need abortion.” Del Tackett’s excellent summary of the comfort of the good news of God in Jesus Christ is a great place to begin healing. However, I would amend what he had to say about “taking back that freedom” when we continue to carry a burden after abortion.

Often our grief is the unnamed problem which refuses to go away. I know the grief you feel. I have felt that way. Jesus Christ is also the hope I have found that our children are not lost to us forever. I pray that you know Him as your Comforter as you begin to face the truth. Please browse the links here to helping organizations, and reach out for your new life now.

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