Beautiful Black Babies Billboards

In a story in the Oakland Tribune this week, Race specific anti-abortion billboards arrive in Oakland, NAACP California President Alice Huffman expressed concern that the campaign is racist. What do you think? From the billboard sponsor website, the Radiance Foundation:


The billboard image and message strike me as a compelling, even loving, exhortation for black women to rethink the idea of abortion, and let their children live. Since the billboard campaign is sponsored by blacks for blacks (co-sponsor is Issues 4 Life) in defense of black children, how is it possible that this is a racist message? What if the subtitle is true? Are too many black babies aborted?

Abortion’s racial disparity–higher rates of abortion among women of color–is an undisputed fact, as the Los Angeles Times reported in 2008. Yet black leaders use of this data to sound the alarm is somehow racist. The pro-abortion rights researchers at Guttmacher Institute published an article in the Guttmacher Policy Review (Summer 2008, Volume 11, Number 3) which may have started this ball rolling. Here’s the opening line of the report Abortion and Women of Color: The Bigger Picture,

“This much is true: In the United States, the abortion rate for black women is almost five times that for white women. Antiabortion activists, including some African-American pastors, have been waging a campaign around this fact, falsely asserting that the disparity is the result of aggressive marketing by abortion providers to minority communities.”

The report contained all the data to support the claim of racial disparity–a much higher rate of blacks aborted in proportion to the number of whites aborted. Yet Cohen went on to conclude that the real problem was, 

“…antiabortion pastors who appear intent on trying to protect minority women from themselves.”

With all respect, no.  Black pastors and others are trying to protect women from….abortion.

Bravo to my friends Reverends Brian and Denise Walker of Everlasting Light Ministries who stated the problem and solution so poignantly at the 2011 Walk for Life West Coast rally.

By the way, I am not an “antiabortion activist.” 

I am a woman who needed protection and help at a vulnerable time in my life who was not presented with any true alternative to abortion. I felt I had no choice. So I feel obliged to tell the truth about the harm abortion does to women, men, and children. And to expose the myth that women “need” abortion providers as their only available advocate. The idea that they alone stand to help minority communities is absurd.
The reality is that organizations sponsoring these billboards (and many others) are aiding women in Oakland and throughout the US to find help, encouragement, and support to choose life–even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances. Follow the links provided above for the Radiance Foundation and Issues 4 Life, visit the National Black Prolife Coalition or call the Option Line at 1-800-395-HELP to find the love you need.

The Black & Beautiful billboards represent a strategic solution to raise awareness, to educate, and to reduce the rate of abortion in the black community.

So, what is really racist–encouraging and fostering new life among black families, or turning black women against their pastors and offering “help” to destroy their children who already exist?

How do you react?

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