Encouragement after Abortion Tip #9 It’s not about us

Abortion is an isolating experience.

You can easily access the data which points to abortion being commonplace in America–and with privacy laws shielding abortion providers from reporting their cases, the percentage may even be higher. Yet many of us feel completely alone after abortion. Few of us feel we can openly discuss our experience at church. Some of us swear our parents or other close family members will never know of this pivotal event which forever marks our hearts.

But God knows.

He is fully aware of all that happened, including all that led to the decision and all that was taken out of your hands that day.

Instead of fearing what may happen if others find out, what if you were to open your heart to God who loves you and sent His Son as a sacrifice for all sin? What would unconditional love from God look like to you? Do you have any faith at all that God’s love and mercy is true and can be a reality in your life? What if you began to turn your heart to God’s thoughts toward you, and away from thoughts of self-condemnation, doubt, or fear?

Jesus is the lover of our souls. It’s not what we have done, but what He did for us. His love is available to you right now, even after abortion. Look at the Cross today. See His love in action.

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