Encouragement after abortion Tip #6 You can forgive

Abortion provokes strong emotions which may leave us feeling unable to do the thing that God in Jesus Christ has called us all to do: forgive (Matthew 6: 12-15).

It feels like double jeopardy. They are responsible for treating us unjustly. They coerced an abortion by threats or dominance, or they kicked us to the curb when we were vulnerable and all alone. Their coldhearted or cruel behavior meant we paid the price of losing a child and a part of ourselves to abortion. Now God says we must forgive?

The answer is yes, and the surprising result is a release from bitterness and the hurt which may have been done to you in the course of an abortion experience. When we fail to forgive we are often attempting to rewrite the past—something no one can do. Jesus said the remedy to every wrong done to us in the past is to forgive. Faith follows action—when we obey God and forgive, our hearts and minds will follow. Proverbs 16:3 says, “Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.” Your work is to harness your will to bring it in line with Jesus’ teaching and leave the results to him. Trust him to deal with others, trust him to redeem and restore, trust him to lead you to a place of peace with the past.

It is possible to forgive—decide to do it today. The Lord Jesus Christ will honor your obedience, and you will begin to see the intricate design he is working out to redeem the past.  Focus on friendship with him and watch to see the creative and loving way he will work it all out.  I promise you, when you forgive, you will find that every what-if gives way to peace over what is.

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