In a Pro-Choice World, You are the Choice

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is January 23, 2011. Where do you stand? When the question goes beyond a politcal debate and you are confronted with a woman who is pregnant and who needs your help, are you prepared? Do the young women in your church know that they will still be loved and accepted if they carry forward a pregnancy even if the circumstances point to an imperfect lifestyle? When I say that you are the choice, I mean that just as bystanders can shut down a bully, your support is a vital link in the lives of young women today. You may be the person to make new life possible, or to send a woman into the darkness of abortion. You are the person I needed thirty-one years ago when I made my choice and lost my first child to abortion.

As John Ensor once told me during an interview, “Abortion isn’t just a discussion happening in Washington, DC. It happens in our neighborhoods.” Be encouraged–you can be prepared to respond to those women who feel they have no choice.

Plan now to equip your church or community group with what we need to know about this vital and timely topic.

I have presented /files/3/6/5/6/4/155897-146563/Kim_Ketola_Flier.pdf”>brochure.

I travel from Atlanta, GA and have dates available throughout the month of January. Hope to hear from you soon!

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