Year of the Pro-life woman?

Help me out.

I’m in the final stages of preparing a talk that I’ll present next month at the annual conference of Lutherans for Life  in Green Bay. My topic is Biblical womanhood. I speak from the perspective of a recovering feminist, which I say partly in jest because I was never a full-on feminist to begin with, although I bought into a lot of the grievance mentality and also found feminism a solace from being battered by male supremacy in the workplace.

But the current debate about pro-life politicians who happen to be women is fascinating, sparked by an OpEd in the New York Times declaring the Year of the Pro-Life Woman . The opinions have ranged as far as a video questioning if Sarah Palin is a woman!? This blog isn’t about politics, but I’d love your short answer to the question about whether a feminist can be pro-life. The most liberal feminists say the two positions cannot be reconciled. Feminists for Life is vilified as a front group for conservative causes, etc.

Have your views evolved?
Do you see a conflict in advocating for women and advocating for the life of the unborn child?
How do you define Biblical womanhood?
Which public woman best represents your worldview?

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