Help after Abortion

Atlanta is forming an outreach to help men and women who have been hurt by abortion. I attended a steering committee meeting yesterday, and it was exciting to be with like-minded people who understand the need for ministry. We discussed the resistance that each of us has met in trying to offer help. It’s hard to coax individuals forward, especially at church. It’s hard to persuade pastors that people need help since so few will come forward. It’s hard to inspire empathy and educate the average person in church who thinks that only desperate teenagers have abortions—even if that were true, we’d still need to help, wouldn’t we, Church?

There is a critical mass of people who do need help, though. But most have no idea that they share the experience of participating in abortion with at least one out of every four adults in church.

So, I’m excited that new ministry approaches are being formulated as we wait on the Lord to complete and fulfill the vision.                                                     

In the meantime, there are places you can go for help if you are suffering emotional or spiritual problems after abortion. My very first recommendation would be to call 1-800-395-HELP. And remember—don’t fear seeking help from Christians or from the church. For many years I thought that the church or churchgoers would hate me if they knew I had had an abortion. I figured that if the church is against abortion, it must be against people who have had one. But that’s not how it is. People in church understand grace—or they should. They know they would be in just as much trouble with God over their sin as you would be over abortion if not for Jesus Christ. We all need him and he is all we need.

I suffered many fears and anxieties, mostly of a spiritual nature after my abortion. Shame and grief can become comingled in a confusing and overwhelming fog that leaves you unable to see clearly. Or you may be dismayed that you feel nothing at all—just numb and unable to find any way to express all that is in your head and heart.

I’ve been there, and so have hundreds and thousands of others. Don’t give up hope. You don’t have to suffer forever. God cares, so many people care, and you will find the help you need.

If you have received help after abortion from any source, please let me know what worked for you. I won’t publish your comment unless you want me to. And of course you can remain anonymous if you like.

Stay tuned for a fresh approach. I’ll know more in the coming months.


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