Cellular memories

T-minus 2 and counting.  The surgery is now less than 48 hours away.  I spent the day with the surgeon, nephrologist and lab workers who were checking my blood, EKG, chest x-ray, plus the requisite psych consult.  I enjoyed meeting the psychologist for a number of reasons.  The conversation turned to spiritual matters and we began discussing my calling to help individuals recover after abortion.  I shared how the love of Christ compels me to tell of His incomparable mercy and faithfulness to forgive and restore us. 

So then we had to talk about his beliefs, and once you know what someone believes, you can discuss, oh so many things!  I told him about how my spiritual development is causing me to study power and its uses.  I have come to see that power given multiplies.  You have to shed ego to get to the place where you don’t care who gets credit or whether you have more power. 

He recommended some reading and I did as well.  I wanted to write about an author I interviewed years ago, Paul Pearsall, who wrote a book, The Heart’s Code which details the intriguing idea that our very cells carry memories, so that heart recipients will ‘know’ things known only to the heart donor.

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