Life intrudes

It felt very right to start writing about Kissing my Kidney Goodbye back on February 4th, which would have been 40 days from the transplant date of March 16th.  You may have discerned from my posts that I am Christian, and you might then see that the 40-day period has significance to me as a follower of Jesus Christ.  His period of testing was 40 days long, when the Holy Spirit led him out into the wilderness to do battle with the enemy of our souls.  I don’t think that I have any such epic before me–at least I hope not!  But I can draw strength from His example of being steadfast throughout a lengthy trial.  If you don’t know His history and the amazing things He did for us, I really encourage you to learn about it.  You can send me a note and I’d be happy to share the things that I’ve learned.  Especially the parts about how Jesus is an absolute life-changer.

Having said that, I was actually instructed to fast the morning of February 4th, so I could be tested for glucose tolerance.  (If there is a risk for diabetes that can affect the physician’s decision whether to proceed with a potential donor or not.  Some people with diabetes have been able to donate kidneys and that, I think, takes real courage.)  I passed the test and it won’t be an issue.  I am enjoying good health, and my glucose tolerance test result was in the normal range.  The fast was very easy–nothing to eat or drink from 7 pm the night before, and no food or drink that morning.  I think about the fast that Jesus entered into for His time of holy temptation.  Forty days apart from everything that would feed and sustain Him otherwise–and then His report to His adversary that He has been feeding on the Word of God.  I’ve had periods where I know my spirit was only fueled by God’s Word and the truths it holds, but during those times I had all my creature comforts. 

I’m glad that God is gentle and that He gives us what we can withstand when it comes to temptation, and He shows us a way out, always.  I just wonder as I ponder His life why I so resist releasing my comfort for His ways.

I don’t think I’ll be able to post anything until next week.  I’m going to spend some time reading Matthew 4 again.

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