Mom’s Fruit

As I get set to kiss my kidney goodbye, I am pondering the idea that our bodies are given to us, in sum and in all parts.  I understand this on a basic level–life is a gift and we have a responsibility to steward it well by caring for the physical self.  But the truth is, I think we all really believe that no one should have any say over our bodies other than ourselves.  If so, perhaps you laughed reading my Mom’s quote, “You owe me your life!” 

It may not be something that we easily acknowledge, but we are indeed our parents’ fruit.  Flesh of their flesh.  We each ‘owe’ them our lives.  We are their fruit.

So, with a wink, I share this luscious shot of my mom’s “fruit”.  She loved the decorative arts, and spent many hours crafting beaded fruit, reviving and refining the old designs from the 1950’s.  These are some of her less elaborate pieces, on display on my dining room sideboard.

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